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I am 7 years old and going to school

I was born on 5th of May in the zodiacal constellation Taurus, in the Year of Pig. I have two brothers – an older brother Andrus and a twin brother Toomas, who is five minutes younger than me :).  I was born in Tartu and I lived until the age of 15  in the city where I spent a happy childhood and elementary school days. After graduating from high school in Tartu, I switched to the capital to study at the Tallinn Maritime School, from which I graduated cum laude four years later. After the Marine School, my independent life begun. I went to different continents around the world, and therefore I was able to visit more than 50 different countries. Visiting different countries and cultures gave me a future life with broad horizons, tolerance towards people and the main thing – it helped me to find myself


I am 9 years old with Boigo

When I was 9 years old, I got a dog, German shepherd named Boigo.    Two years I went with him to dog trainings. At the same time, I went for different sports: skiing, running, athletics and started photography.

After sailors life, I started to work in journalism as a telemarketing manager in Ajakirjade Grupp (later in 2000 named Ajakirjade Kirjastus AS). Currently I continue working there, being very content with my work and motivated.  In 2001 I started studying at the Department of Journalism and Public Relations of the University of Tartu from which I graduated in 2007. At the same time I worked in Kalev Spa and My Fitness coaching BodyPump, Spinning and Abs classes, and as a personal trainer.

I am very grateful to my parents, who were able to grow me independent at a difficult Soviet time, and gave me a good education and home values. My mother Kaja Karask has also written her biography in the PEOPLE’S BIOGRAPHIES OF ESTONIA Book II, for which she won a special prize. I would also be very happy if I could continue the tradition:).

I am wildlife photographer.


I am photographer

I am currently working in various sports clubs at Kalev spa, MyFitness and Viimsi spa. I coach group trainings (Bodypump, Spinning and ABS classes) and personal trainings.


Coaching Bodypump


Coaching Spinning

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